Triumphant designer dresses. Each image is an amazing masterpiece of wedding fashion, immersed in a world of wealth and luxury. Those who can have many things they want are the ones who choose them.

Our wedding looks become synonymous with the word “luxury” even at the stage of the birth of the idea. These are works of art that take days or even weeks to make by hand.

They have an unsurpassed design, flowing trains, an abundance of hand-made embroidery, a unique lace of our own production, as well as elite materials from the world’s leading manufacturers.

Please note: Due to popularity, dresses displayed on our website are subject to availability. Should you wish to inquire about a specific dress prior to securing your booking, please contact us on +27 11 784 2000
Affectia Pollardi
Fascinatia by Pollardi
Callisto by Pollardi
Parsifal by Pollardi
Delight Pollardi
Femme Fatale Pollardi
The Power Of Passion by Pollardi
Jolie by Pollardi
Queenliness by Pollardi
Magnetism by Pollardi
Adele by Pollardi